Thought Definition

Thought is believed to be the output of knowledge and information received by human mind and produces a theory or a set of theories connected to predefined notions or modes of perspectives. Such notions or modes might take the form of partial or complete signs of  inferiorities.

Birth of Thought

Thought can be taken as the prime component of mind and acts as a stabilizer between spiritual and bodily inclinations based on human instinct. Thought is deeply affected by human soul, actions, sayings and systems that usually shape up its environment and concept.


Affections of Thought

Thought is largely affected by a wide variety of factors interacted with mind whether directly or indirectly, and that are derived from information or incidents or actions or whatever. Such effect depends on the level of connection with mind, or that connected in close relation with mind. Besides, thought is exposed to many messages and effects that drive it to specific direction. Thus, educational, political, social and other cultural authorities can play significant roles in directing the collective or individual mind in predefined ways, and ultimately contribute to protect such thought from detrimental influences that may affect it negatively.


Components of Thought

The recipient of information and knowledge that abound in human surroundings are the main replenishments of thought. Such information and knowledge might take the form of social customs, actions, behaviors, economic influences, religious affections and others. In addition, thought can be easily affected by the following factors:


Cultural ethics






Social Practices.


Value Systems


Economic Practices.







Religious ethics.






Modern Influences





The Real Meaning of Conflict

To define this matter we say that man lives in a conflict with his religious motivations and desires that are characterized in a real confrontation between body and soul. To reconcile these notions, there should be a common thought that harness such conflict. Greed and materialism are the ferocious ravages that can savage man and his harmony with himself. This is why we should link between the Universal Relative Theory as a general frameset and Human Instinct Theory as an approach. Such link has constituted some sort of sober and stable humanitarian balance and ideology capable of effecting a kind of balance between spirit and body to let humanity live in harmony with itself and under balanced conditions that reconcile between physical and spiritual needs, between tradition and renovation. Here we can effect a kind of stable movement to act as an approach to treat all misconceptions and fallacies and to fully rectify mistakes and inferiorities and the freewheeling motion of renovation that is part of the successive development of socio-economic and political life that dubbed as“ modernity “. Such modernity shall interact with itself and other components of life to make us more qualified to criticize it and affect its track and trend. In short, religion, as a noble track of thinking and comprehension of life facts and currents, can be taken as part of culture not an alternative as most if not all religious laws and judgments can not be understood without such culture, so how can culture act as an alternative for religion? If culture is a mixture of traditions and social movements, whether economic or social that may take the form of customs, practices, variations and the like regardless of place and time and religion acts as a “ rectifier “ for the authenticity of such culture, the problem lies in the misconception and the extreme way of thinking about the whole case that flares up conflict and forms confronting ideologies that leave people in clash with each others and splintering them into many factions and sects. If religions were not based on humanitarian aspects and inclinations, they would derailed from their main goals and objectives, in which case, people shall run into harsh conflict with themselves due to lack of awareness or comprehension and become feed for an endless cycle of violence and pell-mell!!! Here it is worth mentioning Godly revelations (Most human souls are frail except for those who are under the Al Mighty Protection……) Full understanding and comprehension shall be the basis of extrapolating legitimate judgments with their human applications. Man is man everywhere and in all ages harboring the seeds of good from the glory of God to act upon his own innocent and good instinct that needs to be enhanced further in a sober and stable way and to educate and edify him and

With the special need to engage woman in societal process, she will require healthy insemination and other knowledge base to make her an active player in the societal process. Upon doing so, woman can take her normal position in community have higher respect for her

capability and mind and provide her with an opportunity to get more ability to breed a new generation on a more solid basis on one hand, and grant her husband with greater ability to gain more awareness in terms of dealing with her and her children and not keep her exposed to blackmail and fighting over family roles.

Comprehensive Theories

To talk about man and mode of living with all morals, values and systems, we will require a complete dissemination of the phases of knowledge development across times and ages with all their accumulations, repercussions and reflections. So, we will talk about the latest anthropology theories that believed to be the best for a healthy life where all people practice their rights and extend commitments to their respective duties. Nations and people vary in this theological inclination.

As modern age with all its modern socio-economic technology, imposed on all nations some sort of unity on lifestyle and charged it with novel way of living and thinking that pushed some of them to seek for theories that combine them in one unity such as the Universal Relativity Theories that used by many western nations by motivating peoples and nations with each others regardless of their trends, traditions and lifestyles to combine them in one integral unity that serve as a good motivator for industrial and intellectual production and creativity.

Definition of the Universal Relativity Theory “What might suits us can suits others and vise versa“

This notion suggests apparent neutrality and argument that is well known by the founder of this theory. To deeply have a closer comprehension of the apparent dimension of this theory from comparative treatment approach, we have to line up a complementary theory that defines its details and particularities. The Human Instinct Theory is the best answer for this need to serve as a civilized and reconciliatory center.

Definition of the Human Instinct Theory“

There is an intuitional and emotional interactive relation between mind, soul and body that are instructed by the Godly revelations leading to the uplift of human instinct. This relation is able to suggest a healthy and natural balance between spirit and body using the Scale of Mind that requires literary science, intellectual directions and moral systems based on the basic human rights in order to be abler to suppress the wild inclinations of physical materialism to keep man away from it and hinder him from attacking others or impose inequities on them. This theory can provide immunity in the same time against extremism, inactivation and single-sided theorization of life and universe that rejects modernity and natural trend of life. Further, this theory establishes a peaceful culture between mind and soul and a friendly reconciliation between modernity and traditions. Out of this theme, the Universal Relativity Theory was combined with the Human Instinct Theory as a basis and complimentary axis and an approach for a healthy dialogue about the particularities of the Universal Relativity Theory

Civil Integration

Jawab International was the first organization that put an accurate definition of human instinct with all soul environment, vagaries and inspirational trends that are reveled from God that constitute pillars of the foundation of soul and the provider of live conscious to

serve as the most scientific definition that implies practicality, reasonability lying in balance between nature and instinct.

This definition shall serve as an approach for a balanced and reasonable function and interaction between knowledge and theoretical integration with the human rights concepts. Here we can combine between the Universal Theory and the Human Instinct Theory to underline the right track acting upon Islam science and comprehensive awareness. As known for all those believing that they have mind and sense of justice should also understand the other value system around him to reach composite values that contribute to the development of contemporary civilization. This move that rests on deep intellectual approach stemming from Godly revelations for better human life by employing the latest technologies is the only way that can be used by man to skip the intricacies of theories and blind imitation and mimics. Nowadays, the world admits for any who harbor objective theory to take part in an interactive and civilized manner and preset the latest and novel devices to contribute to the development of concept. Similarly, the world also offers a unique chance for any one who has the capability to present a theoretical presentation that handles the wrong current situation or adds to the current modern mechanisms of civilization.


The Scale of Nature

Intellectual peace can alleviate the impact of modern transformations instigated by various factors. By employing equation inspired from the Human Instinct Theory with all its cultural dimensions, applied repercussions and religious depth, the scale of nature shall be capable of reconciling between two confronting trends in terms of content and appearance to reach common denominator for a healthy dialogue based on natural trends away from closeness or mimics to others in a way that contribute to the proliferation of a real awareness that is in peace with itself, local and global surroundings. By this trend, productivity and creativity shall rise in an atmosphere of civil interaction based on respect and dialogue, and can sustain local identity and supplant fears, mistrust and skepticism. The following example can elucidate the concept of Intellectual Peace and its Applied Approach: Given a group of brothers belong to one family and one environment, born to one father and taught by the same teacher, but vary in terms of thinking mode. What are the factors that dominate their lifestyles? What they need to live in harmony and respect? Do they need peace to a thought that are scattered everywhere? Or do they really need peace to a thought that is developed in mind and practiced? To provide the two brothers with social peace and healthy opportunity for dialogue and harmony without fanaticism or extremism, they shall need intellectual peace that sustain dialogue and respect largely contributing to social security in the end

Concept of Thought Security Intricacies and Alternatives (A research implies theories, concepts and treatments)(2)


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