Culture between Modernity and Tradition

Culture is a good reflection of everyday life of human beings with all its accumulations such as morals and literary knowledge that governs human life from all its aspects across ages and times. Such accumulations are liable to a lot of variables and changes that combined with them. There are some ideas about the importance of change. Once this change or transformation is connected to all domains of life, an urgent need shall be felt for a complete familiarity with modern life with all its repercussions and reflections. Here, we emphasis that modern systems are not sufficient regardless of level of comprehensiveness as they tackle with man as responsibility and commitment. Such materialistic view requires a new basis founded on more spiritual foundations. For example, modern systems that focus on the materialistic aspects of man and treat him from legal dimension only at the expense of values and other emotional aspects caused man to loose large part of protection and immunity needed for individuals and families, and provided no protection in cases of assault, harassments or violations. This example proves that modern civil systems are incapable of providing protection for families and individuals. Those systems also proved to be of less ability to offer balance, empathy and human interpersonal sharing of thought and emotion to a higher degree. This shift shall require the revival of human conscious that only can interact with values that are deeply ingrained in man’s soul, otherwise, laws alone shall not be adequate for the prevention of inhumanities and hideous acts that befall to humanity. Therefore, religious awareness is badly needed to revive human conscious and move up human noble feelings prior to the enactment of laws and systems. The effect of religious rituals or adoration in general can afford a complimentary role and offer a good effect on regulating rights and transactions and as a model for reaching novel practices and conducts. This matter calls for intellectual investment to employ modern systems and technologies to serve the ultimate goals of development, justice, history and tradition as well not only confining ourselves to old-fashioned and time-honored systems and traditions.


Here comes the culture of peace that is balanced and capable of employing all positive facts and weeding out any negative aspects. This shall help identify the latest renovations without fear or unfamiliarity with modern economic transactions. These aspects can lead to social security with all its repercussions and reflections on political harmony and economic production. The culture of dialogue and respect for differences shall prevail. Under such culture, all those having different cultures or notions or ideas shall have adequate latitude for expression and free speech. However, this shall require the requalification of political circumstances, applied and scientific surroundings that affect comprehensive awareness and leave mind interacts with it and defines the right track without compulsion or patriarchic custody. The intellectual peace stems from divine revelations that define what is good and what is bad. Such revelation left a wide range of interaction for man to reach sober and reasonable conclusions under free choice that is capable of handling all matters with care and good management. The balance between soul and body is the only way to weigh up any judgments and ideologies. This is subjected to all inceptions and impregnations coming into mind that can sustain its intellectual position and commitment to real information that can guide its behavior and conducts with high measure of commitment and responsibility.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity is an enrichment of human civilization. It occurs due to the mutual reciprocity between intellectual output and creativity. The best example of such cultural exchange is during Hajj season that combines Muslims from different parts of the world in one place. Hajj is performed by Muslims regardless of their colors and nationalities. Hajj performance constitutes a good chance for the reception of cultural diversity on local scale. However, the absence of this aspect is the only approach towards having diverse cultural programs of civil extent. Humanity has high measure of civil diversity characterized of interactive exchange. With the diversification of creativity, it can lead to deep local development that can absorb all modern influences. Creativity is a natural output of intellectual interaction. Cultural diversity is the title of reconciling culture with itself and other surroundings. This is one of the best pillars of the modern world. As for the single-sided cultural view, it can encompass itself with a host of intricacies, inability to encounter problems and ends up to extinction. Cultural diversity is the basic components of a clean and civilized culture that was used by the developing nations to reach peaceful reconciliation and knowledge exchange and the highest industrial, literary and intellectual levels. Understanding and dialogue was the natural outcome of intellectual peace, literary and industrial progress.


Dialogue  (Mutual respect and acceptance of others)

Dialogue means understanding. It is a civil request and human behavior that sustains the opportunities of interchange between cultures and ethnicities in a way that defuse tension and spread out the principals of peace and prosperity among nations. The dialogue culture means no compulsion or obligation or mimics, but common denominators based on cultural diversity and dedication to the best. To reach dialogue to its apex, it should be built on the following pillars:

1.Mutual respect.

2.The acceptance of others.

3.The right to offer different viewpoints.

4.Cultural diversity.

5.Neutrality and objectivism. All the above pillars are hoped to be a reality lived by the world nations. To pinpoint a common definition for DIALOGUE, it can be defined as “mutual respect and acceptance of others in order to be a standard for all rights and human conducts. The most feared thing is to engage in a cycle of exclusion and wage wars that would waste time and effort. The consensus about a frameset respected by all shall be the basis of any forthcoming dialogue away from excitement, provocation or blackmailing values.


Tackling People requires special etiquette.

Once vanished, value and credibility shall run down.

Liberty has its own etiquette and etiquette is the natural results of cultural awareness.

Applied Programs and Development Projects


Due to the high interest of such subject that is my major, and an approach for our intellectual way of thinking.1.Jawab was founded on such principals that are connected to human thought that combines between tradition and modernity. By comparing all economic, social aspects and customs, the main approach shall be the basis of all deliberation and discussion. The human instinct theory was raised to be a common denominator between members of humanity, as they run around the components of soul and its surroundings. By combining between human instinct theory and the universal relativity theory, the concept of intellectual theory was founded as a basis and agenda.2.Herein the link between developmental projects with all their human dimensions that can interpret theoretical thought into productive civil movement. The National Qualification Program (A’ amal) is the upshot of integral work between all elements and components that are the motivators of comprehensive development with all its cultural dimensions and socio-cultural reflections.


Margins of Modernity and Its Influence on Traditional Culture

Once traditional societies tend to tackle some output of modernity or any part thereof they tackle their foundation without any comprehensive awareness of social, cultural and economic dimensions that reflect on intellectual aspect, they effect a departure from its moral basics that are considered parts of its negative aspects in developmental project that largely affect their socio-economic security that is integral part of their comprehensive national security. Therefore, The National Comprehension Qualification Program ( A’ amal ) was founded to treat all wrong concepts deeply rooted in traditional culture from productivity viewpoint by employing modern systems, devices and overall views that rest on advanced programs to produce projects capable of achieving a qualitative stride in developing the intellectual mode of thinking of individual by effecting a real civil movement interacting with modern technology from wider range of awareness for all cultural and social and cultural aspects and their security influences by having applied and scientific programs via strategic views to transform from cultural thought into effective and real projects to develop curriculums based on technical dimensions of modern technology to raise more awareness and higher level of education for many generations to come. This move shall be a request for the recognition of all directions and raising talents of new generations to offer them opportunities to employ such talents in their everyday life. This move also shall be combined with the insemination of the value of work and productivity in youngsters who shall be required to offer productive education for all people by engaging active participation of all and giving larger latitude for students to express their views in a bid to sustain privacy, values, morals and self-confidence. By this, we shall be more able to step on the right track the pave the way for a quick shift from stagnation and tradition to development and dynamism. Intellectual disability is the main reason for lack of expressing with high confidence. A deep introspection shall be effected in the current curriculums to reach this goal. These programs are integral parts of educational and cultural programs of the National Comprehensive Qualification Programs to deepen productive culture on a national scale as a preliminary phase for progressive investment projects of the program by coordinating with all relevant authorities. These programs are considered parts of the informative plans of the comprehensive national program of rehabilitation to originate culture produced on the national level as a preliminary stage of investment projects programs in coordination and cooperation with official concerned parts each according to its role and specialization, which would enhance the chances of updating level of comprehensiveness and integration between official authorities as a supporter and organizer between private sector as executer and operator which could increase movement towards having a real thrust towards the typical society.


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