Comprehensive Development Cultural Awareness and Social Movement

The Program was founded to treat the misconceptions that are deeply entrenched in traditional culture that shapes up local social environment by offer programs and projects capable of effecting a real stride into the development of thinking mode by engaging a genuine cultural and societal movement that can interacts with modern technology with high measure of awareness of social and economic reflection and their reflections on security conditions. These programs shall be built on advanced strategic foundations to turn cultural thought into real and effective projects in a way that can provide a balances situation between modernity and tradition and having a real productive culture by employing modern technology and impregnating it with local components.


Qualification is A Common Responsibility

When we talk about qualification, we shall tackle the real traditional educational culture and its effect on the natural development of adults’ minds and education modes. The main components of productive culture are centered on two themes:

Mode of Education

Once the mode of education is harsh and violent, it shall be a big hurdle for the natural development of the right mind. Once the mode of education is based on dictation and imposition combined with lambasting and reprimand, it shall contribute to paralyzing and stagnating human thought. These factors are the main contributors of the enfeebleness of productive culture as it is still subject to a wide variety of conflicting notions, extorted themes and inactive interactional exchange of thoughts and other entrenched local stagnated theme and value systems that could breed clashed and inharmonious ways of conducts. This situation shall require a quick review of the mode of education and edification by enhancing complete awareness and development of education combined with social movement via media programs and other forums offered for adults and children.


Open Educational Programs

A wide package of educational programs offered for the preliminary school levels up to the higher educational levels taking into accounts age groups, talent, productivity, intellect and absorbability of the volume of programs. To allow for such programs to more active and productive, they shall be move attractive, based on artistic background in a way that can sustain the following objectives:

1.The psychological preparedness to identify likes and dislikes in artistic works to uplift the productive culture.

2.The utilization of leisure time by exercising some vocational and artistic works. 3.Embarking upon some functions that should done single-handedly without calling for others’ help in a way that can sustain cultural conscious and self- confidence.

4.The direct contribution for the post-graduate studies in artistic and technical domains.


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